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Demo version available now!

Great Tree stonerid

As you probably noticed, Stonerid is available to buy for several days now, but we’ve not released demo version yet. It’s high time to change that. Right now you can download demo for Windows, just click the button below.

Stonerid - Demo Version

This version contains tutorial and 4 various levels. You have a chance to visit Forest, Winterland and Caverns.
It’s quite enough to show you, how our game looks like. By playing the demo you can also learn how to effectively use 2 parallel worlds – main Stoneird feature.
Do you see that tree, at the image above? It grows at the top of Atronast mountain. Watch Stonerid intro and you’ll find out why this tree is very important. So, what are you waiting for, try out the demo now and enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to send us and e-mail and share your opinion.

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Stonerid now on Steam Greenlight.

Stoneird now on Steam Greenlight

We have posted our game on Steam Greenlight. As you know, or not, each unknown developers team, who wants to sell game on Steam platform, needs to get accepted through greenlight. Greenlight allows Steam users to vote for games, that they would like to buy on Steam. If game collects sufficient amount of votes, it gets a chance to be available on Steam.

So now, Stonerid is on Greenlight. If you would like to see our game on Steam in future, give us a chance, click on the image above and vote, it’s very important for us.

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Stonerid finally completed!

Stoneird finally released

We’ve started to develop the Stonerid really long time ago. However, after many month of work, we finally came to the end. But in this moment, a very important question appears: What now?

Now Stonerid is available to buy at official website: You should definitly visit that site.

Buy Stonerid now

Do you know Desura platform? It’s a cool place, where you can find many interesting games. Of course Stonerid will is also available there.

Desura Digital Distribution

Many people say that game trailer is very important. It is difficult to disagree with that statement. There is no better way to quickly show how your game looks like. That’s why I highly recommend you to watch the latest Stonerid trailer.

Ok, that’s all for today. Your mission objectives are quite simple:
1. visit
2. buy Stonerid 🙂
3. play the game and enjoy it

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to recieve the newest infomation about Stonerid and our future projects.

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