moon landing bundle
LazyGuysStudio have just started their next games bundle – ‘Moon Landing’ bundle. If you would like to buy 8 really cool games, for only 3.99$, visit now: Our game – Stonerid, is also in this bundle, so if you have not tried it out so far, now there is a chance to buy it at great price. Take a look at the full list of games included in this bundle:

BEEP (Steam & Desura)
Hero of the Kingdom (Steam)
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (Steam)
Orborun (Desura & Greenlight)
Stonerid (Desura & Greenlight)
Inside The Gear (Desura & Greenlight)
Snake Blocks (Desura & Greenlight)
Astro Emporia (Desura & Greenlight)

This promotion won’t last forever, so don’t forget to check

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