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Razenroth 2 now available!

Razenroth 2 on Steam

It took too much time, but we’ve just released a new game – Razenroth 2. It’s a sequel of previous Razenroth, issued in 2015. The new one is available to buy on Steam. Visit the store page:

The game is set a few years after the events of the first part. Razenroth, although defeated earlier, is still a huge threat. This time Charles Carter, the main character, has to get rid of him once and for all.

If you would like to see how the new Razenroth looks like in action, please take a look at the trailer.

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Trash Squad finally released!

Trash Squad on Steam

Our newest game – Trash Squad, was just released and is available to buy on Steam platform. Visit the store page:

If you don’t know anything about Trash Squad yet, let me explain in a few words. Generally, it’s a dynamic shooter with RPG/roguelike elements. The game allows you to fight against hordes of monsters in many randomly generated levels. There are multiple weapons at your disposal, like rifles, shotguns, lasers, swords, rocket launchers, bombs, grenades and much more. You can unlock up to 10 playable characters, each of them is completely different.

To see Trash Squad in action, just watch the official trailer below.

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Trash Squad – now on Steam Greenlight

Razenroth on Steam

Quite a lot of time has passed since the last post, so it’s high time to write something. For last months we’ve been working on our next game – Trash Squad. It’s not ready yet, but we’ve decided to submit it to Steam Greenlight. Before you go to the Steam and vote, let me tell you a few things about this game.

Trash Squad is a randomly generated shooter, enriched with many RPG elements (stats, talents, lot of items
and much more). There are many different characters, every one its own unique skills and look. The game offers multiple individual weapons at your disposal. No matter what you preffer – bow, shotgun, flamethrower, sword, sniper rifle, or even crayon machine gun, all can be found here. In this game you play as one of the members
of an elite team – TrashSquad, waste disposal specialists. Your main mission is to stop an army of waste from
a nearby dump, who have started to threaten residents of the city.

Before you leave take a look a the first Trash Squad trailer. It contains gameplay footage from the alpha version
of the game.

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Razenroth Released!

Razenroth on Steam

Our second game – Razenroth, is finally available to buy. Just visit Steam store page: The first game we’ve made was Stonerid, 2d platform game, made in XNA. Instead of making its sequel or other platformer, we decided to create something completely different.

One of the most important thing about Razenroth is a fact that many elements are randomly generated. All the levels, weather conditions, distribution and quantity of key elements are completely randomly generated. So even if you’ll play Razenroth a few times, you won’t discover everything.

You can also watch the official trailer, where we would like to show you some of key features, available in Razenroth.

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Razenroth is coming

new game from Enitvare

Hi everyone, today I have a good news for you. After long discussion we finally agreed on the title of next game – Razenroth. What does the title mean? It’s the name of the main villain, however I’m not going to write more about him today.

Enitvare - new game

All levels in the game will be randomly generated, that’s why we still polish a first level. We want to make sure that everything will work really well, so it takes a little time. However, if we complete work on the first level, the next will be much easier to create.

The main hero (his name is Charles Carter) is able to use various spells, skills and equipment. Our goal is to create over 200 of different items, to make game more unpredictable, but we don’t want to make Razenroth a long game. We would like to create the game that you can play a few times, and each time it will be a little different experience.

Don’t forget to check screnshots and 2 short videos. If you would like to receive the newest information about Razenroth, just subscribe our blog, visit Twitter, or Facebook profile.

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Stonerid now on Steam Greenlight.

Stoneird now on Steam Greenlight

We have posted our game on Steam Greenlight. As you know, or not, each unknown developers team, who wants to sell game on Steam platform, needs to get accepted through greenlight. Greenlight allows Steam users to vote for games, that they would like to buy on Steam. If game collects sufficient amount of votes, it gets a chance to be available on Steam.

So now, Stonerid is on Greenlight. If you would like to see our game on Steam in future, give us a chance, click on the image above and vote, it’s very important for us.

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