Over the last year we did not post any entries on our website. The lack of any signs of life was due to the fact that we changed meaningfully the system of our game. There was lots of work and the results were often modified. Consequently, there was no sense in providing information about something that was to be changed.

For the time being, the game is 85% complete. Everything is stable and we do not assume introducing any major modifications, in fact, what left is only the last land.


Why did we decide to modify the whole game’s system?

At first, we created a really simple platform game with particularly simple mechanics.Additionally, there was not a possibility to upgrade one’s records, we did not store game statistics and the difficulty level was not a great challenge for an average player. We wanted something more.  We decided to think what precisely should be added to the game and which elements need improving.

Below there is a list of changes and improvements we have implemented to Stonerid.

1. Unconventional style of play. Instead of one world, the game proposes two parallel worlds of different construction.

2. High level of difficulty. We decided that the game will be relatively simple in the beginning but continually more difficult with the progress of play. Further levels of the game make a meaningful challenge even for experienced players.

3. NPCs. They may prompt or direct us.

4. Possibility of getting achievements. Due to this, one may set one’s records and moving back to already visited levels does not have to be pointless.

5. Toxic substances are everywhere. The previous version of the game offered toxins in barrels and there were only few of them for a level. Now toxins are everywhere. All in all, we clean the world from toxic substances.

6. Main hero’s diary. Our hero, after completing some levels, makes notes of the most important information in the diary.

7. Bonuses. Not extensive but very hard levels, prepared especially for hardcore players.

8. Profile statistics.


They are the most important modifications regarding the old version. And what about the old version? It may be seen in the film with the first gameplay or it may be summarized in three points:

1. One-world levels.

2. Low level of difficulty.

3. Few elements to collect.


Was it worth implementing changes?

We believe it was. The changes have made our game much better. The only problem is building the levels. It requires much more time than previously, as creating a satisfying level made of two parallel worlds causes lots of problems and difficulties. Nevertheless, the effect is outstanding. Besides, we hope you will have an opportunity to judge it soon.

Don’t forget to watch the last Stonerid gameplay,  you can also see the newest screenshots at Media page.

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