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Stonerid in ‘Moon Landing’ Bundle

moon landing bundle
LazyGuysStudio have just started their next games bundle – ‘Moon Landing’ bundle. If you would like to buy 8 really cool games, for only 3.99$, visit now: Our game – Stonerid, is also in this bundle, so if you have not tried it out so far, now there is a chance to buy it at great price. Take a look at the full list of games included in this bundle:

BEEP (Steam & Desura)
Hero of the Kingdom (Steam)
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (Steam)
Orborun (Desura & Greenlight)
Stonerid (Desura & Greenlight)
Inside The Gear (Desura & Greenlight)
Snake Blocks (Desura & Greenlight)
Astro Emporia (Desura & Greenlight)

This promotion won’t last forever, so don’t forget to check

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Stonerid – new version 1.0.2

stonerid autumn toxic substances
In this version we implemented a few things, to balance game difficulty, so I would like to tell you more about the changes that we’ve made. The biggest problem with Stonerid was its relatively high difficulty level. Quite recently we released version 1.0.1, with a lot of improvements, to make the game more friendly for inexperienced players. However, there still were a few thing that could be improved, so that’s why we decided to release another version.

stonerid atronast mountain

One of the thing that we made is normal difficulty level. In the previous version it was also possible to enable that mode, although I noticed that people don’t know how to do it. However now, nobody miss it.

stonerid caverns secret place

Easy mode is designed, for players, who didn’t play Stonerid earlier, or just play platform games quite rarely, that’s why it should be easy. Now player can regenerate its health poins by collecting toxic substances. 10 toxines give
1 hp. Moreover, if you’ll find toxic barrel your health points will be completely regenerated. These things, don’t work at normal difficulty, but you can get a lot of prizes in this mode, unavailable at easy level. All improvements are included in demo version, just click the button “Download now” on the right column. One more thing. Now you can buy Stonerid also at IndieGameStand Store.

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New, better price – 4.99$

stonerid new price
We decided to drop price of Stonerid to just 4.99$. It’s not a weekly sale or something like that. This is new, regular price. In our opinion, a really fair price, even for the game made by unknown team. Try a demo version, especially if you aren’t convinced yet.

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New version available

Great Tree stonerid
Some people, who played Stonerid, complained about too high difficulty. When someone can’t finish a few first levels without dying tens of times, it probably means, that we made a mistake. It’s a serious problem and we decided to resolve it.

stonerid health points

If you played a demo or full version, you probably know that it was very easy to die in this game. However we’ve changed a few things. Now player has 3 health points, instead of 1. No matter what difficulty level you chose, you always start with 3 health points (of course each death recover missing hp). Take a look at the main differencens between particular modes.

easy mode stonerid
Easy mode – It’s a special game mode, for inexperianced players.
You can regenerate your hp, by collecting colorfull stones, 2 stones give you 1 hp. Additionally each new chcekpoint automatically regenerates your hp. In this mode you won’t receive any awards at the end of level.
If you are not familiar with difficult platform games, I recommend to select this mode.
easy mode stonerid
Normal mode – make sure that easy mode and hard mode are not selected. You can’t regenerate missing hp in this mode. If you die you’ll get your 3 hp back, and the main hero will be transported to the last checkpoint.
easy mode stonerid
Hard mode – the only difference between hard and normal is a fact that there is no checkpoints in this mode. It’s just enough to make the game much more difficult.

Sometimes (quite rarely) you will notice that some of the objects are red. These objects kill main hero immediately if you touch them, no matter how much health points he has. It was necessary to avoid some weird situations that could occurs because of implementing additional hp. Don’t worry, there are not a lot of these dangerous objects in the game.

stonerid obstacle

The last important improvement is a notification, which player receives when finds a secret area. It also gives you an information, how many secret places is hidden in each level.

stonerid secret place revealed

As I wrote before, you won’t receive any prizes at the end of a level if you play at easy mode. It shouldn’t be
a problem for someone who don’t need to collect additional rewards in games, especially that the game is much easier at this mode. So if you play at easy mode you’ll see something like in the image below.

stonerid summary

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to check demo version, just click the button “Download now” on the right column.
You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to recieve the infomation about Stonerid and our next projects.

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Demo version available now!

Great Tree stonerid

As you probably noticed, Stonerid is available to buy for several days now, but we’ve not released demo version yet. It’s high time to change that. Right now you can download demo for Windows, just click the button below.

Stonerid - Demo Version

This version contains tutorial and 4 various levels. You have a chance to visit Forest, Winterland and Caverns.
It’s quite enough to show you, how our game looks like. By playing the demo you can also learn how to effectively use 2 parallel worlds – main Stoneird feature.
Do you see that tree, at the image above? It grows at the top of Atronast mountain. Watch Stonerid intro and you’ll find out why this tree is very important. So, what are you waiting for, try out the demo now and enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to send us and e-mail and share your opinion.

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