new game from Enitvare
A few months ago we’ve finished our first game – Stonerid. After that, we decided to do something new, a game which will be completely different than Stonerid. So we leave platformers and try to create top-down perspective game. This game is untitled for now, however we did just enough to show you a few screenshots.

Enitvare - new game

What is this game about? A main hero – Charles Carter, is a young man, who decide to remove a curse from his family. The curse causes that all people of the family have nightmares, but nobody knows who is responsible for that. Charles is going to find out the way to stop the curse. To do it, he must fight against terrible creatures from nightmares. But he’s not unarmed. With a power of magic he has a chance to complete his quest.

Enitvare - new game

All levels in the game are randomly generated. We are going to create over 200 items, and several dozen types of monsters. Each time the game will look differently.

As you know or not, Stonerid was created in XNA Game Studio. Microsoft resigned from the development of XNA, so we decided to switch into Unity Engine. Another reason is a fact, that from a few months Unity supports 2D games.

Enitvare - new game

The game still needs a lot of work before it will be finished, but we really want to complete it in this year, so stay tunned.

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