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Razenroth is now on Steam Greenlight

Razenroth on Steam Greenlight

Quite recently we’ve started a new greenlight campaign. Now Razenroth fights for his place on Steam. At this moment games, that appear on Greenlight, don’t need so many votes to be accepted, as it was one, or two years ago. However, it’s still difficult to get on Steam, so if you would like to help us, don’t hesitate to click the image below and vote for Razenroth.

Stonerid – our first game, is on greenlight for a few month, but it’s really close to get greenlit. Probably it will appear on Steam this summer.

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Razenroth is coming

new game from Enitvare

Hi everyone, today I have a good news for you. After long discussion we finally agreed on the title of next game – Razenroth. What does the title mean? It’s the name of the main villain, however I’m not going to write more about him today.

Enitvare - new game

All levels in the game will be randomly generated, that’s why we still polish a first level. We want to make sure that everything will work really well, so it takes a little time. However, if we complete work on the first level, the next will be much easier to create.

The main hero (his name is Charles Carter) is able to use various spells, skills and equipment. Our goal is to create over 200 of different items, to make game more unpredictable, but we don’t want to make Razenroth a long game. We would like to create the game that you can play a few times, and each time it will be a little different experience.

Don’t forget to check screnshots and 2 short videos. If you would like to receive the newest information about Razenroth, just subscribe our blog, visit Twitter, or Facebook profile.

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What are we currently doing?

new game from Enitvare
A few months ago we’ve finished our first game – Stonerid. After that, we decided to do something new, a game which will be completely different than Stonerid. So we leave platformers and try to create top-down perspective game. This game is untitled for now, however we did just enough to show you a few screenshots.

Enitvare - new game

What is this game about? A main hero – Charles Carter, is a young man, who decide to remove a curse from his family. The curse causes that all people of the family have nightmares, but nobody knows who is responsible for that. Charles is going to find out the way to stop the curse. To do it, he must fight against terrible creatures from nightmares. But he’s not unarmed. With a power of magic he has a chance to complete his quest.

Enitvare - new game

All levels in the game are randomly generated. We are going to create over 200 items, and several dozen types of monsters. Each time the game will look differently.

As you know or not, Stonerid was created in XNA Game Studio. Microsoft resigned from the development of XNA, so we decided to switch into Unity Engine. Another reason is a fact, that from a few months Unity supports 2D games.

Enitvare - new game

The game still needs a lot of work before it will be finished, but we really want to complete it in this year, so stay tunned.

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Stonerid in ‘Moon Landing’ Bundle

moon landing bundle
LazyGuysStudio have just started their next games bundle – ‘Moon Landing’ bundle. If you would like to buy 8 really cool games, for only 3.99$, visit now: Our game – Stonerid, is also in this bundle, so if you have not tried it out so far, now there is a chance to buy it at great price. Take a look at the full list of games included in this bundle:

BEEP (Steam & Desura)
Hero of the Kingdom (Steam)
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (Steam)
Orborun (Desura & Greenlight)
Stonerid (Desura & Greenlight)
Inside The Gear (Desura & Greenlight)
Snake Blocks (Desura & Greenlight)
Astro Emporia (Desura & Greenlight)

This promotion won’t last forever, so don’t forget to check

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Stonerid – new version 1.0.2

stonerid autumn toxic substances
In this version we implemented a few things, to balance game difficulty, so I would like to tell you more about the changes that we’ve made. The biggest problem with Stonerid was its relatively high difficulty level. Quite recently we released version 1.0.1, with a lot of improvements, to make the game more friendly for inexperienced players. However, there still were a few thing that could be improved, so that’s why we decided to release another version.

stonerid atronast mountain

One of the thing that we made is normal difficulty level. In the previous version it was also possible to enable that mode, although I noticed that people don’t know how to do it. However now, nobody miss it.

stonerid caverns secret place

Easy mode is designed, for players, who didn’t play Stonerid earlier, or just play platform games quite rarely, that’s why it should be easy. Now player can regenerate its health poins by collecting toxic substances. 10 toxines give
1 hp. Moreover, if you’ll find toxic barrel your health points will be completely regenerated. These things, don’t work at normal difficulty, but you can get a lot of prizes in this mode, unavailable at easy level. All improvements are included in demo version, just click the button “Download now” on the right column. One more thing. Now you can buy Stonerid also at IndieGameStand Store.

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